About us

Our Story​

We are a team of enthusiastic, young industry experts joining forces to offer a comprehensive solution to the aspect of property revenue management. With a combine industry experience of over 50 years, we intend not to leave any stone unturned to offer the best revenue strategy for your valuable property.

Our core values include our commitment to excellence, integrity, personalised care with a professional attitude.


“Our vision is to become the Best Revenue Management Service Provider for the small-scale property owners in Sri Lanka & Maldives.”


The mission of TTS Hospitality is to create a mutually beneficial relationship between property managers and owners by providing the front-end revenue management service. This enables the property manager to focus on the back-end operations while the owners benefit from our professional approach to revenue management.

We aim to achieve this by:

•Matching all properties managed by TTS to the diverse traveller profiles and requirements.
•We intend to improve processes of all our partners through the use of new technology.
•Be the most dependable sales representatives for the properties with multiple segments.
•Bring optimal pricing insights to our partners through our experience.
•Periodic touch points with owners on future pricing strategy and
•Provide timely industry updates.

Our Team

Adam Kenny - Director / Co-Founder

Adam is a graduate in Hospitality and Hotel Management from; The international Hotel School, Sri Lanka.

He commenced his career in 2013 joining Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts (One of the largest Hotel operators in Sri Lanka under John Keells Holdings). Adam’s natural inquisitiveness with people and flare for marketing helped him to transition to the sale team within Cinnamon and later rose up the ranks from a Junior Executive to Manager in the DMC sales business. During his tenure he was tasked with overseeing a team of 13 staff members and expertly selling 800+ rooms, a DMC portfolio of 600+ DMCs, 200+ corporate accounts, and optimizing direct and OTA sales for Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts. He currently leads the DMC sales consultation for Crystal Property Group in Sri Lanka.

During weekends you will constantly meet Adam at various National Parks patiently capturing the flora and fauna with his trusted camera and drones. He is also an avid futsal player who has now given up his hopes in joining the ranks of Manchester United.

Dilshan Sirisena – Director / Co-Founder

Dilshan is a Chartered Marketeer of the Chartered Institute of Marketing – UK and holds two postgraduate diplomas; one in Travel Tourism & Hospitality Management from Wigan & Leigh College – UK and the other in International Relations from the Bandaranaike Centre for International Studies, Sri Lanka.

Dilshan is a DMC specialist, Travel tech expert and a Hotelier. He has been in the industry since 2010 starting off as tour executive and climbing up the ranks up to Director Marketing for one the largest in bound tour operators in Sri Lanka. During this period, he represented the company and Sri Lanka across various trade fairs in Europe and worked very closely with numerous European agents.

Subsequently Dilshan joined a Travel Tech company as the Chief Marketing Officer where he was responsible for spearheading the product launch across Sri Lanka. Dilshan is also a Hotelier where he was Head of Sales and marketing for a glamping style boutique resort named “Karpaha Sands” located in the east coast of Sri Lanka managing all their OTA platforms to travel agent sales calls and social media platforms.

Pawani Neligama: Head of Sales & Marketing

Pawani holds an MBA from University West England and an Advance Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management – William Angliss Institute Australia.

She commenced her career in 2017 at Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts  (One of the largest Hotel operators in Sri Lanka under John Keells Holdings). Her journey began as a Corporate Sales Executive in the Sales Team, where she managed a portfolio of 200+ corporate accounts, nurturing and developing strong relationships with them. Pawani’s role involved catering to the needs of these corporate clients for various events, conferences, and incentives. She excelled in curating unforgettable event experiences, hosting revenue-focused meetings, and ensuring seamless coordination for their outings.  A notable aspect of Pawani’s expertise lies in bank promotions. Her strategic partnerships with various banks, leveraging credit card offers, played a significant role in generating a substantial percentage of room nights for the properties she worked with.

Outside of work, you can always find Pawani in the kitchen engaging in her favourite pastime, baking. She runs her own baking page on Instagram “Popos_bakes” where you can get a glimpse of her baking talents.

Jeena Wickremaratne: Head of OTAs Connect

Jeena holds a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) Marketing and Management from the Monash University Malaysia.

She commenced her career at Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts in 2014 as an Executive and rose up the ranks to Manager- Digital and ecommerce Marketing where she left the group in 2022. With her keen focus on sales, marketing, and digital strategies, she’s excelled in various roles like Head of Online Sales, Manager of Digital and E-commerce Marketing, and Manager of Website Design and Efficiency. Jeena’s accomplishments speak volumes – she’s boosted revenue, improved online visibility, and executed successful marketing campaigns for hotels and resorts.

Jeena leads the charge at OTAsConnect, a fantastic subsidiary of TTS Hospitality. Alongside her talented team, she’s on a mission to help hotels and villas reach their full online sales potential. OTAsConnect handles everything from inventory management to revenue optimization. She’s determined to change the game by showing that OTAs aren’t just a necessary part, but valuable allies for properties. She wants to break the barriers and myths surrounding OTAs, shining a light on their potential as powerful distribution channels. Her goal is to help properties expand their reach, attract diverse guests, and achieve remarkable revenue growth – all with a friendly smile! With Jeena’s forward-thinking approach, OTAsConnect stays ahead of industry trends and customer preferences, using innovative tech and strategic partnerships to tailor perfect solutions for each property.

When Jeena’s not tackling the digital realm, you’ll find her lost in contemplation, jotting down heartfelt poems about the ups and downs of motherhood and daily life. She’s also a baking enthusiast, turning her kitchen into a delightful mess of flour and sugar. To add a musical touch to her days, she enjoys the soothing notes of worship music. And let’s not forget, her sense of humor is as legendary as her occasional baking blunders.

Filishiya Thuring: Creative Head- Scope Digital

Meet Filishiya Thuring, fondly known as “Fili.” She may have started as a fresh face in the industry, but her four years of experience as a customer service agent in a reputed airline company have made her a seasoned professional. Don’t let her small stature deceive you – Fili is a massive multitasker who can effortlessly handle customer complaint calls while studying algebra and providing real-time assistance to customers.

Filishiya, the Head of Creatives for Scope Digital which is another subsidiary of TTS Hospitality. With a fun-loving spirit and an expert eye for design, she brings life and vibrancy to every project she touches. Her creativity knows no bounds as she masterfully crafts captivating visuals and engaging content that leaves a lasting impact on audiences. Filishiya’s passion for her work shines through in every post, and her enthusiasm is contagious, making her an invaluable asset to any team. With Fili on board, you can expect nothing but top-notch service and a vibrant energy that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

If there is one person in the team who is always ready to dip their toes in unfamiliar waters of DIY projects, it is Fili. She’s constantly busy capturing photos-making memories, singing, dancing (though not at the same time) and It’s not a surprise she is the creative gene in the team. You can rely on Fili to make the best recommendations of the latest Netflix shows and to share the least known gastronomical delights in Colombo.